Who’s ready for a workout that doesn’t feel like drudgery?


“I’ll just bookmark this workout for later….” *Weeks pass*

“Why can’t I get motivated to do these workouts on my own!? What’s wrong with me? I’ll never get into the shape I want to be in.”

Sound familiar?

I’ll come clean: I have a bajillion workouts bookmarked that I never do on my own. And even if I do, I still feel kind of empty and alone afterward..

I’ve learned that my favorite way to sweat is with friends…friends who will laugh with me, keep me motivated, and show up for class when I do. I’ve discovered that fitness can actually be FUN and something I GET to do, not something I HAVE to do.

It’s this discovery that led me to open Bliss Fitness & Health and I’m here to share it with you!

This week just happens to be the week that I get the MOST CREATIVE with my workout programming because I get to plan games and shenanigans that incorporate my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!

If you’ve got languishing workouts saved that make your stomach feel like lead when you think about them, try one of our workouts that get you re-connected to your fire!

If you are new to Bliss Fitness, try us out for a whole month for $40

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