Vagus, Baby! The Vagus Nerve and You

Vagus, Baby

No, I’m not talking about a wild time in Sin City; I’m talking about the vagus nerve – a major player in your relaxation response. It’s the polar opposite of what the flashing lights, high stakes gambling, and questionable, booze-fueled choices Las Vegas has to offer. When healthy and toned, the vagus nerve is your body’s chill pill.

The vagus nerve is the CEO of your “rest and digest” state, among other things. Among its many duties, the vagus nerve is the boss of your digestion, inflammation, and immune responses, plus plays a pivotal role as mediator between your breath and heart rate.

Feeling on edge and unable to unwind, being plagued by tummy upset, and chronic joint or muscle pain are all signals that your nervous system could be a little bit jacked up.

There are some pretty slick tricks that you can learn on how to get to that oh-so-lovely rest and digest state, and it doesn’t even require a vacation and expensive AirBnB.

In our upcoming 3-week series on Neurovascular Release for Neck and Shoulders, Leah will show you some very cool, easy techniques for doing this as well as freeing up other nerves, arteries, and tissues so that you can move and breathe freely.

Liberate Your Movement

This remarkable 3-session series is unlike anything we’ve offered before. Join us for this rare chance to:

  • Delicately free up nerves and arteries that are trapped in your tissues, bringing you more ease in your movement and spaciousness in your body
  • Tenderly calm your nervous system, allowing you to focus on what’s important
  • Learn gentle techniques for managing chronic neck and shoulder pain so that you can forget about the stubborn and persistent pains that are sapping your energy

What you’ll need to reset your vagus nerve:

  • Massage therapy balls: Ideally the Yoga Tune Up balls in the tote (available for purchase through the studio), but any other small therapy/massage ball you have at home will do
  • A yoga mat, blanket, or comfortable surface for seated work
  • Links to join the Zoom session will be sent out via e-mail once you register. Watch your spam and other folders if you don’t see the message in your inbox.

These sessions will be recorded and shared so that you can return and review the sessions any time!

Dates: Thursdays 4/8, 4/15, 4/22
Time: 6:15 pm
$117 for all 3 sessions plus the recordings

24-hour cancellation notice is required for series enrollments. No refunds issued for late cancellations (account credit available.)

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