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TRX Workout Gets SPICY! ?

TRX exercises using minibands

Our Oakland Bliss Buddies crew got a hot twist on their regular TRX workout today.

I added mini resistance bands to our morning TRX class to increase the amount of effort it would take to perform some familiar moves.???

The bands also offer some important feedback to the body and where it is in space. This is called proprioception. It’s an important skill to hone so that you can avoid injuries and increase strength and agility.

Those are some technical goals ? I had for the class. But there’s more to my programming methods that go beyond creating a “killer workout” for my fitness classes. What inspires me is coming up with ways to surprise and amuse our clients so that they always look forward to their sessions. I knew my morning class would appreciate the new twist I had for them. ?

What they said after class…

? They were forced to slow down and feel their muscles working

? They couldn’t “cheat” by going too quickly through a move, using momentum rather than strength

? Their form was better as the bands provided support and information to help with alignment

? They enjoyed the challenge and the novelty

? They might be cursing me tomorrow due to new soreness

Have you used mini bands in your workouts? What’s your favorite way to spice up a familiar exercise?

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