Not your typical gym/studio.

I can’t say enough good things about Bliss and it’s CEO and Bliss Bringer Mona! I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t written a review considering I’ve been coming here for over a year. It’s not your typical gym/studio. Mona works really hard to make Bliss a welcoming environment that builds community between patrons and encourages them to actually have fun and enjoy exercising. Primarily I’ve worked with Nicole the personal trainer to build strength and recover from back surgery. Nicole is creative and kind and tough, which is the perfect combo for me. Plus I get stickers after working out And I’ve been getting massages with Joanne as well. Who uses the Hendrickson technique to help my muscles relax which helps immensely with my chronic pain. Bliss also hosts fun events like rounding workshops (yoga and meditation) and sound healing. I’m so lucky that Bliss exists, so that I can have my exercise and self care needs met in one place. (Not to mention the studio is beautiful and unique with its exposed beams and skylights!) Go seek out events and exercise at Bliss

Robin M.