I just can’t say enough about this place.

This is the most beautiful studio I’ve ever worked out in. And the instructors are so fun and knowledgeable. I’ve been getting personal training from Mona Meline and she is the best trainer I’ve had, and I’ve had several over the years. She creates workouts for me based on my need for variety. She makes sure I’m really warmed up beforehand and stretched out after my workout. She also provides me with a lavender scented cold cloth that is heaven on my hot sweaty face and neck. My strength, endurance, balance, and range of motion have significantly improved since we started training. I’ve also been benefiting from a monthly massage at Bliss with a therapist who is able to offer feedback to my trainer about the subtle aspects of my body and what areas need more attention, or how I might be favoring one side over another. It’s like I have a team behind me.

Joanna R.