Our Team

Jessica Chernicki

Jessica is a passionate and dynamic trainer whose love for fitness and movement developed in her early childhood. After studying Jazz and Ballet for 12 years, Jessica went on to to earn her BA in Theater from the University of California Santa Barbara. Upon graduating, Jessica worked as a professional dance instructor, performing and teaching middle eastern dance throughout California and Hawaii. Today she devotes her time to teaching Pilates, offering Personal Training, and preparing for competitions with her Oakland-based aerial arts dance team. Jessica has a fun and challenging teaching style that leaves you sweaty and smiling.

Joanna Burgess

Whether your goals are basic stress reduction or ongoing healing work with injuries, muscle tension, chronic pain, chronic illness or trauma, I will work together with you to create a session that best meets your needs.
In a typical therapeutic session I employ a blend of modalities:Swedish
Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release
Facilitated Stretching
MET (Muscle Energy Techniques)
Joint Mobilization/ROM

I also offer a deep-healing/mindfulness-based massage. Here I may also employ any of the modalities above. However, the overall pace and tone of the massage will tend to be much slower and I will also integrate subtle touch/energy modalities such as:

Craniosacral Therapy
Comfort Touch

Keisha Turner

Keisha Turner came to the practice of yoga as a teen and many years later was introduced to Vipassana meditation. As she came to understand their profound capacity to heal, she felt compelled to deepen her practice and study of these ancient teachings. In the lineage of her teacher, Julie Dohrman, Keisha’s alignment-based yoga classes offer space for fellow practitioners to connect with their highest intentions. She is committed to offering body-positive, life-affirming classes that create space for students to prioritize self-care and liberation for themselves and their communities. Keisha also teaches dance, performs, and facilitates arts-based, anti-oppression workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her creative enterprise, EarthChild, is a collection of love-offerings comprised of performance, yoga classes, and body care products designed to celebrate, heal, and uplift oppressed communities.

Mila Morales

Mila draws on her 20 years of massage experience to ensure that her clients receive an effective, nurturing, and safe massage. She understands that good communication is key. Listening attentively to the clients needs and knowing the right questions to ask prior to the start of each session can help assure the satisfaction of every client. Mila integrates the various styles in her repertoire (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre/Post Natal, Sports Injury, Reflexology and Vibrational Healing) to customize each session accordingly. She uses lifting and stretching techniques when applicable which can access muscles not normally addressed through standard massage. She is also an experienced aromatherapist.
Mila’s philosophy is to work within a client’s own comfort level; she builds into the pressure as the session progresses, depending on the client’s tolerance.
She believes that staying present to the client at all times is most important.

Mona Meline

Bringing together an unconventional combination of skills and experiences, this career chameleon is the spark behind Bliss Fitness & Health. Mona’s drive to create a community of healthy and happy people started with a career in massage therapy after graduating from college. Finding herself at a crossroads after several years practicing in massage, she took an unlikely path into the corporate tech world. There she discovered her passion for working with teams and getting sh*t done. It’s this unique combination of nurturing and supporting people towards their goals that has resulted in the creation of Bliss Fitness & Health.
You’re likely to find her smiling at you cheerfully from behind the desk, occasionally leading a workout, and quite often being a frisky participant with you in class.

Nancy Trunzo

Nancy is a multi-disciplinary holistic fitness and movement instructor. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise to lead group fitness classes. She has over 12 years of dance, movement, and mindfulness education. Her classes utilize meditation, breath awareness, and connection of the experience to movement. She also holds a Masters degree in Holistic Health Education

Nicole Panetti

Nicole takes time to get to know and understand her clients needs and challenges, and meets them where they are in their journey. She has an ability to help you find your edge but in a supportive and safe manner.
 Nicole is a NASM certified personal trainer, with a specialization in corrective exercise. This means she’s got an eagle eye for form and posture and makes sure that all your movements are done safely and effectively.

Myles O’Donnell

Myles started dancing in college and quickly became enthralled in movement arts. They wanted to learn more about how their body was moving and learning, so they began taking courses in anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology.
Myles graduated with their degree in Kinesiology and continues to delve deeper into the biomechanics of fitness and how to apply this functional understanding to their teaching. They have studied with Jim Donak, a renowned anatomist, as well continues to seek and learn on their own, fueled by their instatiable curiousity and passion for movement.
Myles’ focus in all of their teaching is technique and sustainability. They want their clients to be able to be fit, active, and flexible for as long as possible! They regularly teach students as young as 6 years old and as old as 69.

Shanti Jourdan

Shanti Jourdan began her yoga journey at age 10 when family friends opened Yoga Desa in LA’s Topanga Canyon. Yoga has been a continual source of healing and transformation ever since.
Her teaching style is warm and dedicated with emphasis on alignment, breath, and rejuvenation. Chanting, visualization, and yoga philosophy are signature features of her classes.
Shanti is also a bellydancer, astrologer, and avid Parks and Recreation watcher.

Paige Earl

In 2005, Yoga found Paige in a Beginner’s Yoga class for two hours every Friday morning. Unexpected changes in her body and health started occurring – she had more energy, felt healthier and happier in her body than ever before, and started seeing life in a different light. After that first year of initial practicing and healing, she knew she wanted to share yoga and its benefits with as many people as possible.Years later, Paige had the privilege of enrolling in a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program with Tiffany Cruikshank at Yoga Pearl, and received her teaching certificate in 2011. More recently she completed her 500-hour Yoga Medicine certification covering the following subjects:- Shoulder
– Hip
– Spine
– Chinese Medicine & Myofascial Release
– Sequencing
– Cadaver Lab

Paige teaches yoga as a means to help other people. The magic of watching a student’s practice transform from one week to another is what keeps her fueled. She finds joy in offering resources to help people with their struggles of everyday life, on and off the mat.
Paige’s approach to yoga is playful and knowledgeable, while keeping the focus on her student’s individual needs. Her goal is to break down seemingly hard asanas to make them accessible to people of varying levels and she promises one thing; fun and challenging classes that will make her students sweat.

Don’t take our word for it though, come check out a class!