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Foam rolling is key to recovery

Neck release pose using massage balls

Foam rolling and stretching are the secrets to better movement and feel-good fitness

There’s an important part of your training that you might be missing out on. If you are the type that hits the workouts hard (right on!) but you haven’t included time to restore, you’re missing out on a crucial (and wonderful feeling) part of your fitness routine.


Recovery in the context of fitness means:

  • Myofascial release (done by yourself or by a massage therapist)
  • Stretching and mobility exercises
  • Rest
  • Hydration

Recovery makes your movement more efficient.

Myofascial release (foam rolling, massage, etc.) is an absolute game changer in relieving tension in tight muscles giving you more freedom to move. It also transports nourishment and hydration into tissues, reduces soreness, and so much more. 

Stretching and mobility exercises bring your nervous system into a place of calm and feeling of safety. From this state, your optimal range of functional movement can be restored with appropriate and safe exercises

Quality rest (sleep, mindful activities that allow you to drift and dream) are an underrated part of how your body processes and prepares you for the next challenge. Your body needs both the gas pedal and the brake to be able to build new muscle, recover from strain and stress more quickly, digest that amazing meal you just cooked, and inspire ideas that you can’t force by thinking harder.

Hydration is another important component in your recovery. When you are hydrated, you *literally glide* better in your movement. Dehydration can limit your flexibility and increase feelings of pain. If you’ve ever felt like The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz when it comes to being able to stretch and move, hydration could be a part of why you feel that way. 

Foam rolling and stretching helps prevent injury.

One of the biggest reasons that we promote recovery is so that you can avoid injury. There’s so much more to recovery than what I’ve mentioned here, but recovery will help you build a better relationship with your body, helping you to feel into your full power and also knowing when to stop before injury occurs.

And the juiciest reason of all to include recovery into your routine….it. feels. awesome.

Overheard in class: “I didn’t know it was possible for my body to feel so good!”

We have classes TWICE a week that allow you to come as you are and settle in for some amazing self-myofascial release, stretching, and mellowing out together. Stretch, Roll, & Release classes are strategically placed on days when you might be ready to recover from a previous fitness class (or a strenuous weekend.) 

Tuesdays 6:30 pm with Shanti
Saturdays 10:15 am with Mona
Classes are available in studio or virtually via Zoom. 
Props for class typically include a mat, foam roller, and Yoga Tune-up balls.

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