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Bliss Fitness Rates

Gift Certificates

Show that you care with a gift of Bliss! Gift cards are available in any amount.

Gift Cards (choose amount)

  • E-gift cards purchased today will be e-mailed out overnight
  • If you’re wanting to purchase now and gift later, enter your own email for the e-gift card at checkout and forward to the lucky recipient when you’re ready!

Massage Therapy

60 Minute Massage


75 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage


Group Fitness Classes

We believe conversations and getting to know each other are important to ensuring your success in working with us. We’ll start with a short conversation to discover more about you and your goals, and tell you more about how our group fitness programs work.

We are a membership-based studio and know that joining a group fitness community is a commitment that will lead to life-changing results through routine and dedication.

Personal Training

Personal training is an excellent way to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you need help with learning and mastering foundational and functional movements, or have a bigger goal in mind, working together with a coach can make sure you get the guidance and support you need.

Our Bliss Buddies