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OMG, We’re Finally Opening For In-Person Workouts!

In Person Classes

OMG, we’re FINALLY opening for workouts in person!!!

We’re holding workouts in person for (and because of) YOU!

Our last class pre-COVID was Monday, March 16th, 2020. That’s 68 weeks of being shuttered for group classes. Damn, that’s a long time to go without seeing all of you, face to face, in real life! I’m grateful for technology and being able to pivot to virtual to help us get through, but it’s no substitute for being in the same room! Thank you to everyone who stuck with us virtually (or in the park) this past year + so that we can open our doors (and windows) to return for classes together.

Another pivot we made during COVID was to begin a Thursday 7 am TRX class outdoors at Burckhalter park. Just this week we brought that class inside to the studio and it left me so high on everyone’s energy! It was liberating to have “toys” (AKA dumbbells and core balls) to play with and our awesome sound system to energize us! I got a tiny little taste of what our future holds, and it is going to be SO GOOD to get back to what we do best…cheering each other on, building strength, confidence, and endurance; connecting, laughing, plus settling in and slowing down together with our more mindful classes.

We expect that getting back to “normal” will take some adjusting. Change is hard, but we are ready to head straight into the unknown and figure it out together.

As we transition our schedule, you will see a variety of in-person, virtual-only, and hybrid (in-person + virtual) options available. We have hybrid classes listed twice on our schedule so that we know whether to look for you online or in person. Just be sure to register for which version you want to attend. Hopefully, the schedule makes it clear which is which! (See below for examples.)

Virtual or in person: How to spot the right class

Virtual vs Live In Person Classes

If a class name is preceded by “Live Virtual:” that means you can sign up just as you have been for live streaming classes on Zoom with us.

If there is no preceding specification, that means you can come in person to the studio!

Classes that are hybrid are listed separately for registration as described above, so make sure you pick the right one to sign up for.

Mask guidelines and COVID vigilance for in-person workouts:

  • Anyone unvaccinated must wear a mask
  • All instructors are vaccinated
  • Clients will be asked for proof of their vaccination status; if you have a photo of your vaccination card that works great! We don’t expect you to carry that around with you. We will make a note on your profile so we only have to ask once.
  • Our windows will be kept open for a refreshing cross breeze ventilation
  • High velocity fans will also be assisting with moving lots of air
  • Our large medical grade HEPA H13 filter will be running. (Filters out the COVID virus)
  • Equipment and high touch areas will be sanitized regularly
  • Please bring your own sweat towel
  • Please bring your own water bottle
  • If you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID or other contagious illness, please do not come to the studio

We are open starting next week for in person classes! Check the updated schedule to discover which classes are in studio and which are online.

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