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In the “olden days” of video stores, walking up to the “New Releases” section was steeped in feelings of anticipation and trepidation. Would something cool and slightly off-beat be available? Or would it just be a sad smattering of stale or over-hyped titles? The timing had to be just right in those days, or you’d run the risk wasting 90 minutes of your life watching Encino Man on your VCR.

Things have changed so much! Videos are available whenever you want them. You don’t even have to leave your house to get them! Heck, even WE are making our own videos now. When your schedule goes to sh*t, just pull up a video of your favorite class and move when you can.

Let me show you our new releases video section. No worries about picked over selections. No late fees. No waiting in a slow line to be rung up by a disaffected teen who will judge your viewing choices.

Spot the NEW releases easily

New release video schedule

You might notice a couple of enhancements to our latest additions. We’re feeling a little fancy about them.
Videos embedded directly into the platform (rather than links to Zoom recordings)
Title slide for each class added so you have a few seconds to get to your spot before the “show” starts.

The video library is available to everyone who is on a monthly membership. Let us know if you need help getting access.

You can also purchase a video-only membership for just $25 a month.

Did you feel particularly awesome after one of our classes and want to request it for the library? Just shoot us an email. We take requests 🙂

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