New Fitness Membership Options, Features, and Pricing

New Prices

Last year in March 2020, I was effervescing with excitement about repricing and restructuring our fitness membership options. I was fresh out of an inspirational and informative conference and feeling supported in a new evolution. And then…well, you know. Amidst the uncertainty of our situation and a menacing virus, I decided to keep things as stable and predictable as possible on our pricing, and to pivot to 100% virtual. It wasn’t quite the evolution I had planned, and yet some really cool things came out of it.

As I picked this effort back up, I almost fell out of my chair when I looked at how long it had been since we had adjusted our prices. It was over 2 years ago! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised given that 2020 felt like it didn’t even happen, and also that it would never end. Thank goodness it did end, and I’m ready to ride into this new year, with fire in my heart to keep serving our clients and team as best I can.

Fitness Membership Options

After a thorough analysis of visit behavior, we came up with new class membership options. There’s an option for everyone’s schedules and likes, PLUS we have our video library that will be available to all monthly memberships! So, even if you can’t make it to class, we’ll have an archive where you can catch your favorites. 

New prices go into effect Feb. 16th 2021.

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