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My nickname for her is Amy-mazing

Amy and Mona smiling at the front desk in front of the Bliss Fitness logo

Behind the scenes with Amy

If you’ve been in for a class or training session on a Thursday or Friday, you may have seen Amy, our amazing massage therapist, literally dancing across the lounge between clients. This funny, talented, and charming human has been on a mission to help people feel better in their bodies for over 15 years! We consider ourselves very fortunate to have her on the team here!

She is incredibly effective on all fronts, and if you’ve experienced her bodywork then you know what I mean! But for those who have not come in to work with her, we thought you might like to hear a bit more about what it’s like to work with Amy.

Massage is an alliance

Amy values the trust her clients put into building a therapeutic relationship with her. We have many clients who come to see Amy regularly and being able to use the power of touch for healing to ease pain and improve their movement is what keeps her inspired on her path. As a body positive bodyworker, Amy feels honored to be able to help people who have felt out of touch or uncomfortable in their bodies and to facilitate the process of getting back in touch.

One of the things that Amy wants her clients to know is that she is committed to giving people the results they want. That means she welcomes client feedback and direction during the session so that she can redirect her efforts if necessary. No “suffering in silence” is necessary; if you want a change in pressure, or a different area focused on to get the results you need, you don’t have to feel shy about asking for that! As a client on Amy’s massage table, you always have agency over your session.

Massage as a routine

Have you ever arrived for your massage session and found that you spend the first 20 minutes just trying to settle in, stop making lists of all the things you have to do or things you don’t want to forget?

You’re not alone – settling in and winding down takes practice! But once you start coming regularly for massage, you’ll get better at breathing deeply and reaching that wonderful dreamy state easier. 

“How often should I come for massage?”

This is a question that stumps some people (especially those who don’t have a routine of recovery established.) Something I appreciate about Amy’s work with us is that she offers every client a specific timeframe to return for a future session. She takes into consideration the tensions and patterns she’s discovered in their bodies as well as the level of stress or activity that each person has going on.

Here’s a blog post I wrote if you’d like to know more about how massage benefits you.

Final Amy-mazing details

Some of the things Amy appreciates about being a part of the Bliss community is the vibe and camaraderie. She thinks that the people who gravitate towards Bliss are cool and awesome! (That means YOU!)

I asked Amy what words that clients have used to describe her work and she listed: 

  • Intuitive
  • Effective 
  • Specific
  • Thorough

Outside of work and school (she’s on a path to become a physical therapist!) you can find Amy spending her time with her family (she has 6 niblings altogether!), doing yoga, reading, hiking, baking, and fighting medical fatphobia.

Amy’s advice:
“Even if you don’t think you *need* a massage – try one and see if you feel better!”

Amy’s Hours:
Thursdays 2:30 – 7:30 
Fridays 3:30 – 7:30

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