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TRX In-Person Class This Week! Hybrid Classes Coming Soon

TRX group fitness

Did somebody say “in-person classes?”

Has anyone else been feeling awkward and self-conscious as the world opens back up? I’ve been slowly building back up my “social stamina” by visiting friends and family in small doses and also seeing my personal training and massage clients in person. There’s been plenty of bumbling, but also a lot of elation and relief!

I’ve honestly been pretty nervous about the next stage of opening the studio. This pivot to online teaching was never part of our vision before COVID, but we’re so glad we explored it. We have been able to grow our fitness family to reach folks we never could have before due to distance. And now as we get ready to open back up fully, we know there are folks who will continue to access our classes that way.

Figuring out how to serve both audiences at the same time put me in that oh-so-familiar analysis paralysis mode. All the questions and anxieties about how to create a good experience were keeping me stuck. Luckily I have some good support that lit a fire under my ass to get me moving on this and to stop overthinking it. I recruited some of our faithful clients to test it out, splitting them between the in-studio experience and the virtual. I was so worried I was going to make it awkward and clunky. Wanna know how it went?

Hybrid. Classes. Were. A. Blast!

The energy of having people moving, laughing, and sweating together in our space again was amazing! The playfulness and camaraderie created a sense of joy that was palpable!

Our online folks contributed to that enthusiasm, and we learned from their feedback that many of them wanted more chances to see and hear the people in the studio. This feedback rings true to our core values of community and connection.

Speaking of which, we are STOKED to announce our first class to return to in-studio will be our Thursday 7am TRX class starting this week!

We will be transitioning more of our classes in the coming weeks (a combination of in-person and hybrid,) so stay tuned!

Here is how we will continue our vigilance against COVID during in-person classes:

  • Anyone unvaccinated must wear a mask
  • All instructors are vaccinated
  • Clients will be asked for their vaccination status; if you have a photo of your vaccination card that works great!* We don’t expect you to carry that around with you. We will make a note on your profile so we only have to ask once.
  • Our windows will be kept open for that refreshing cross breeze ventilation we get and the high velocity fans will also be on
  • We have medical grade HEPA H13 filters that will be running. (Filters out the COVID virus)
  • Equipment and high touch areas will be sanitized regularly
  • Please bring your own sweat towel
  • Please bring your own water bottle
  • If you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID or other contagious disease, please do not come to the studio

*If you’re not comfortable showing your proof of vaccination, please let us know.

Thursday 7am TRX is now in person at the studio. Hybrid classes coming soon!

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