Foam Roller Classes and Other Heavenly Delights

let's roll

This month in class, we’re going to learn how to use a foam roller, massage balls, and breathing practice to relieve muscle soreness and pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms.

Shout out to all my mates who feel like their hunched shoulders and backs rival the rigidity of a turtle shell! Or those of you suffering headaches from staring at screens ALL DAY for EVERYTHING. Seriously, now I even grocery shop* on a screen.
*Mostly…there still isn’t a way to get Trader Joe’s delivery and there are some SNACKS that must be had.

When you come to a class and the instructor chirpily tells you to plank or come into downward dog (again), are your cranky wrists dissenting with a “Hell no!” đź–•?

You deserve some relief! Some very specific, targeted relief!

Foam roll your way to relief

Next Thursday, March 11th at 6:15 pm, certified massage therapist Joanna Burgess will lead you through 75 minutes of upper body self-massage techniques using a foam roller, massage balls, and breathing practice in this essential class.

Persuade your ropey muscles to unwind into a state of ease. Rediscover your capacity to breathe deeply and feel a sense of calm. End your night feeling like your neck, shoulders, upper back and arms just got the royal treatment.

What you’ll need for this live, virtual class:

  • Foam roller
  • 1-2 therapy balls: ideally the Yoga Tune Up balls in the tote, but any other small therapy/massage ball you have at home will do
  • Readiness to slow down

Yes, I went there.

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