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Fitness Classes Oakland

Have you ever joined fitness classes that made you feel like you were at an awkward middle school dance? With everyone anxiously avoiding eye contact? If you have, we are here to change that experience! We will make you feel like a guest of honor whether you’re checking us out for the first time or if you’re one of our regular visitors. Our Oakland classes are small in size so it’s easy to feel at ease with us. We encourage introductions and interactions among our students so that everyone gets a chance to know each other.

Our fitness class curriculum focuses on movement that feels fun, safe, and achievable for all fitness levels. We incorporate functional movement, core strengthening, joint stability, HIIT, TRX, stretching, and foam rolling. We welcome all bodies and believe in gratitude for what our bodies can do rather than shaming ourselves into working out because we “should”. Encouraging teachers to bring creativity and personal flavor into their classes is important to us, rather than offering boring cookie-cutter workouts. If you come to us with an open mind and a playful spirit, you’re bound to find your new favorite classes with us.  

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Come meet our awesome team of instructors and find a class that suits YOU!

Fitness Class Descriptions

Our Oakland fitness classes aren’t cookie-cutter workouts – we like to keep our sessions fun, funky, and unique. You will still find the modalities you’re familiar with, like circuit-based training, TRX, HIIT, etc.…but some of them come with a twist. Our classes often include partner work or other group participation activities to foster a sense of community.

Check out what we have to offer:


This classes mixes TRX suspension training with other modalities (weights, bands, etc.) that will get your heart rate up, your muscles burning, your face smiling, and will leave you feeling empowered in your body!
HIIT, Tabata, and other interval training styles are our favorites for this class.

There are always modifications offered for all levels.

Morning Hype

This morning hype session will get you ready to take on the world with a spring in your step!

The class design includes full body conditioning using a variety of resistance training (bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, medicine balls etc.) as well as cardio to train your cardiovascular system.

Our small class sizes and eagle eyes on form will help you master the essential movements and put them into practice in your daily life as well as during class. 

We take a shame-free approach to fitness and welcome everyone at any level of fitness. We challenge you just the right amount so you leave here feeling accomplished and empowered.  

Back, Abs, and Hips

Build your power from the inside out!

Your back, abs, and hips are your center of power and stability. This class focuses on helping you build your strength and steadiness and understand the role these important areas play in your extraordinary life. 

Exercises will be taught with an all-levels approach and include options to build or decrease intensity so that you get the best experience for your body that day.

Rebel Recess

“Less like bootcamp, more like recess.” Because we think workouts can be fun, but still deliver an ass-kicking.
This unique approach to fitness takes strength, agility, balance, and short burst cardio exercises and puts them to work within partner exercises, good-natured games, and other lively activities.

It is not a cookie-cutter class, so come with an open mind, a playful spirit, and a willingness to engage with other students.

This is a moderate workout.

Stable & Strong

This class emphasizes building and maintaining a strong, stable core while toning all muscles to keep you balanced, lean, and powerful in all the ways you move your body. Expect playful and interactive exercises that foster a sense of fun.

This dynamic class is always fresh with a variety of techniques so you won’t ever get bored. The class is mostly bodyweight exercises but does sometimes include equipment. 

You are in control of the intensity of the workout and adjustments can be made for all fitness levels.

Group Fitness Classes

We believe conversations and getting to know each other are important to ensuring your success in working with us. We’ll start with a short conversation to discover more about you and your goals, and tell you more about how our group fitness programs work.

We are a membership-based studio and know that joining a group fitness community is a commitment that will lead to life-changing results through routine and dedication.

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