Break Out of Your Chair-Body

Personal Trainer

Nothing makes us feel quite as good as getting cute messages and responses from our clients. Messages like this are important for us to know we’re hitting the mark for our clients and helping them feel better in their bodies. It’s a bonus when your clients are also adorably clever and funny in their messages.

I got this reaction after a recent class that was part of our current focus: “Break Out of Your Chair-Body.” It was encouraging to hear that the back and shoulder work was a favorite from a long-time client who has come regularly to a range of our classes, from yoga to strength and cardio.

Feedback and requests are a large factor in how we program our classes. We don’t just make stuff up, throw it at a class and hope they like it. We listen. We watch. We notice.

With the ongoing shelter in place (and now the smoke!) we’ve all been spending wayyyy too much time sitting. At our desks (actual desks and makeshift ones), on our couches and easy chairs. We’ve been hearing complaints of low back pain, irritable wrists, neck and shoulder tension, and just a general malaise that comes from slouching and not moving.

As a result, we united on a theme to help our clients break out of their chair-bodies and counteract the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time.

If you’ve been on the fence about coming to our virtual classes, or have fallen out of your routine (totally understandable!) we are running a limited time special just for you! We’re adding 3 bonus classes to our 10 pack!

Break out of your chair-body now and snag this short-term special on a 13 Class Pack for the price of 10.

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