Access to Self-Care for Black People

We understand that you’re tired. We understand that we have contributed to that tiredness.

I’m going to get straight to the point here and call myself out right away. My efforts to be inclusive, and specifically anti-racist as a business have not been enough, and I am acknowledging that. I have not done enough of the work that I need to do to become more aware of my own privileges and how my lack of action has made me and my business complicit in a racist system. There is no shortcut and this isn’t an item on my long list of to do’s for me to easily check off. I’m listening and learning from the experiences of black people about what to do now and how to be an ally that can be counted on to effect change. It’s going to be a long road and I know it’s going to be messy and that I’ll screw up along the way.

An Immediate Action

One thing that we as a wellness business can offer right away is free access to our virtual yoga and fitness classes for our black community who are in need of self-care.  We understand that you’re tired. We understand that we have contributed to that tiredness. We know that access to self-care requires resources that you may not have. Exercise and yoga classes are effective ways to strengthen your immune system, ease the effects of stress, improve your mental health and your quality of sleep. You deserve that.

While we work towards longer term policy and program changes, our immediate action is to offer a free month of virtual classes to members of our black community. This is available to new and existing clients. You are welcome to forward this message to people who could use it.

Signing Up

For new clients, the steps to taking this offer are:

  1. Have a look at our class descriptions and schedule and see if what we’re offering is a good fit. We’re here to answer any questions about the classes.
  2. Create an online account with us 
  3. Send us an email ( to let us know the account has been created and that the free month is desired
  4. We will reply back to let you know when the classes have been added to the account
  5. Register for classes

For existing clients, we got you! Just drop us an email of what you need and we’ll add classes to your account.

More to Come

This is the first step of many that we’ll be taking to ensure that our business takes a stronger stance in becoming more inclusive and anti-racist.
Thank you to our Bliss instructors, Shanti, Leah, and Zoe for being willing to participate in making this offer available.

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