About Us

Bliss Fitness & Health’s vision and mission is to support a diverse community of people looking for ways to maintain a fit, healthy, vibrant life by offering classes, services, and events that bring people together. We bring you playful group fitness and personal training, massage therapy to heal your body and spirit, and workshops to nourish your mind and soul. Even though we take health seriously, silliness, fun, and laughter are highly encouraged.


We foster interaction and partnership between our clients as well as our team because support from our community is what keeps us all connected and helps us reach our potential. We blend the lines between social connection and healthy habits. We keep classes small and look out for our members. We’ll also hold you accountable for putting your health and well-being at the top of your list. That’s right, we’re going to notice when you drop out…and we’re going to help you get back on track. We’ll do it with kindness and without judgement because we understand that establishing and maintaining a healthy regimen is not easy, and we believe that you don’t have to struggle alone to find your fitness bliss.

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